Day 3 – Out At Sea

Oh boy, that was a rough night!  During the Captain’s announcement this morning, he reported that the winds were at 65 knots and there were 13 ft. swells.  We could feel the ship going up and down, for and aft but, fortunately, there was really no side to side rolling.  The wind was whistling around the balcony door and the entrance door kept rattling.  So, between the noises and the motion, we were both awake fairly often.

Bottom line:  I felt like crap in the morning, but Bonnie was OK.  Breakfast arrived about 8:30 and I sat on the edge of the bed and ate a couple of things, but that was enough for me.  Back in bed….and that’s where I was for the entire day.  At one point, I was feeling OK so I had a shower, but right back into bed after that.  Fortunately, I didn’t get to hug the toilet!

Geoff was feeling OK, but Nancy was feeling what I did.  Actually, I believe that 1/2 of the people on the ship were in their rooms.

Bonnie went out for lunch on her own, but then joined Geoff and Nancy (she pulled herself around a little later in the day) for dinner and the early evening show.  It was a high energy, singing and dancing show with music from the British Invasion, although they couldn’t figure out what some of them had to do with British.

When Bonnie returned to the room, I was asleep, so that was it for the evening.  Great company I am!!

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