Day 2 – Heathrow to St. Neots

The flight over was uneventful….the best kind of flights to have.  The seats were certainly comfortable, although I like Air Canada’s Executive First seat bed configuration better.  But then, beggars can’t be choosers.  Bonnie slept for a while and I got about an hour’s sleep.  I watched Leonardo DiCaprio’s Academy Award performance in ‘The Revenant’. It was a long, but very good, movie.

We arrived at Heathrow a bit late and managed to get into the ‘Fast Track’ line through Customs because we flew up front.  Once we got through that and collected our bags, we found Mike waiting for us in the arrivals hall.  I had seen Mike last June, in Norway, when we did the 1st ‘Midnight Sun Photo Tour’, but Bonnie hadn’t seen him since he was over for our wedding, in August, 2014.  Hugs all around!

St. Neots is about a 1-1/4 hour drive from Heathrow – another uneventful trip for us, although the same can’t be said for a few people in 2 separate accidents on one roundabout.

We got settled into #2 Briar Court and, other than Mike and Bonnie taking a run to Tesco, we pretty much cooled our heels until Jackie arrived home from work.  The 4 of us took their 2 dogs, Binx and Tezza, out for a walk.  It was good to stretch our legs.  Mike made up an excellent main course of pesto salmon on the barby for dinner.  We sat at the table for quite a while trying to come up with a name for their baby boy, due in August.  We had a lot of laughs over that and I’ve settled on Icabod Jack, Icky Jack for short, although Icabod Leif is also in contention.

The rest of the evening was just relaxing, talking and off to bed shortly after 10:00.

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