Day 14 – Last Day….Heading to the Airport

Well, this is it, departure day.  We packed quite a lot into this UK holiday:

  • Time very well spent with Mike and Jackie at their St. Neots home
  • 3 wonderful visits with Izzy, Maddy, Eleanor and Jonathan
  • Meeting Jackie’s family for a great BBQ dinner
  • An active, wonderful week in the so very scenic Lake District

I was up bright and early this morning and Mike was going back to work today.  We had breakfast together and after he was ready to catch the train, I walked to the station with him.  Jackie joined us for a walk with the dogs.  Back home, Bonnie and I finished packing up so that we’d be ready to go at 12:30.

It was another sunny day, a good one Jackie’s drive to and from Heathrow airport.  The traffic was flowing well and we had a good conversation with Jackie along the way.

Bonnie and I got checked in….I asked for an upgrade, but no such luck….and then found a restaurant for lunch.  Great broccoli and blue cheese soup!

Sometime during the flight, an announcement was made that it was a nice evening in Toronto.  We sat back with the usual airplane meal and movies:  The Revenant, Room, Carol and The Danish Girl, all good movies.  As we were making the approach into Toronto, I fell asleep and totally missed the lightning strike.  There was no damage to the plane, but there was a loud bang that didn’t even wake me up.  So much for the nice evening….the rain downpour had stopped by the time we got out of the airport.  We caught the shuttle to the Park & Fly Valet lot and away we went. Arrived home about 9:45 PM.

From start to finish, this was a great trip.  Now I have a printing and matting job to do for the Warkworth Lilac Festival photography competition, we have to get some gardening done and then pack for our next trip, a 1-week cruise to Bermuda with our good friends Geoff and Nancy.  We’ll drive to London and on to Detroit on Friday afternoon, we’ll stay overnight near the Detroit airport, catch our flight to Boston Saturday morning and an afternoon cruise departure. We’re looking forward to another great trip!

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