Day 12 – Goodbye to The Lakes

Day 12 - The Drive Back to St. Neots

Day 12 – The Drive Back to St. Neots

We were all up early this morning getting ready for our 10:00 departure. No time for long walks, although it would have been good on yet another sunny, warm morning.  We packed our suitcases, had breakfast, packed the trailer and roof box, loaded the dogs in the boot and pulled out of Helm View at 9:45.

We took a different route home, down the M6 and, after stopping for gas and lunch at a service centre, arrived back in St. Neots at 3:00 PM. After unpacking, Mike cut the grass while Jackie trimmed.  I wish I had only as much yard to cut as they have!!  They drove off to their allotment to return their trailer to it’s parking spot and pull some weeds.  Bonnie and I are just cooling our heels here at #2.

We have nothing planned for the evening, except taking it easy after the 5 hour drive.

What a great week we had in the Lake District.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather or traveling companions.  We ate well, got more exercise than we’ve had in a long time and had lots of laughs.  It was wonderful getting to know Jackie as well. She’s a beautiful woman with a great disposition and a wonderful sense of humour.  She and Mike seem very compatible and make a very nice couple

We do have plans for tomorrow though.  Bonnie and I will take the bus into Cambridge tomorrow morning and looking forward to another visit with Isabelle and Madeleine.  That will be the last time we see them until either they come to Canada or we return to England.  It sure would be nice if they could come for a visit.

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