Day 10 – We’re Home….Vacation is Over

Ahhhh, a good night’s sleep….not!  There was a soccer tournament and a wedding, so the hotel was busy.  That wasn’t so bad, but we had a room by the side door and people were in and out until the early hours.  One person decided to have a phone conversation right outside our door – I thought he was beside our bed – so I ‘politely’ asked him to go somewhere else to have his conversation.

Anyway we got through the night, met up for breakfast at 9:17 (a negotiated meeting time…..Geoff wanted 9:00, Nancy wanted 9:30, Bonnie negotiated for 9:17).  We were on the road around 10:15-ish, with the first stop being the Port Huron duty free stop.  After stopping for lunch at Komoka’s (just outside London) premiere eatery, The Little Beaver….a great spot for a family style meal, where I’ve eaten many times (their butter tarts are damn good too!), we were back at G & N’s house about 3:00.  Bonnie and I got on the road right away and arrived home about 5:30.

Now we’re in for a relaxing evening and psyching ourselves up for a busy week:  get some dahlia and calla lily bulbs planted, yoga, preparation for the Riverdale Art Walk next weekend and the June 6th departure to Norway for the ‘2016 Midnight Sun Photo Tour’.  We wanna go back to Bermuda!!

More photos have been added in the previous posts.

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