Day 1 – Off to Jolly Old England

We’ve been looking forward to this trip for months.  It began with my son, Mike, inviting us to spend a week with he and his partner, Jackie, at a cottage in the Lake District.  They made a reservation at a 3-bedroom cottage on Lake Windermere.  We’ve never been to the north of England, so this will be great.  Besides a nice place to spend a week, it’s one of the most desirable photography sites in the UK.  It’ll be great to spend some time with Mike, driving and trekking around the Lakes.  It’ll also be wonderful for Jackie, Bonnie and I to spend some time getting to know each other.  After all, she’ll be the mother of our new grandson, due in August.

Bonnie has been packing for the past month.  I started last night.  😉

We decided to give ourselves lots of time to get to the airport.  You never know how the 401 traffic will be, but going west it was quite clear all the way through.  We left the car at the Park & Fly Valet lot (a very civilized way to go) and were dropped off at British Airways, Terminal 3.  Since I had checked in on-line, we went directly to the bag drop off counter and were the first in line.  After waiting for a few minutes for an agent to log on, we got our bags tagged and were given new boarding passes.  The agent asked if we were hungry or tired, so I said we were hungry right now, thinking that he was going to direct us to the best restaurant in the airport.  He did…..the British Airways Lounge!  We were upgraded to Business Class, which includes dinner in the lounge and a bed on the plane!  Definitely the style to which we’ve become accustomed and what a nice start to the trip.

Tick tock, tick tock……

That was a fine dinner.  Salads, roasted potatoes, lots of vegetables, tenderloin, pad tai….all very good.  Bonnie, of course, enjoyed her white wine while I sipped on some sparkling water, vintage about 5:00 PM.

Now we’re back in the sitting room relaxing and waiting to board our 9:50 flight in about an hour.  So that’s it for today. Next stop:  Heathrow, where Mike will pick us up at 9:35 AM.


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