Day 1 – Oshawa > London > Detroit

Friday morning, and we were up bright and early to begin our Bermuda cruise vacation, with our friends, Geoff and Nancy, from London.  The plan was to be on the road to London at 10:00….we pulled out of the driveway at 10:03, leaving Albert and Ruth busy with the semi-annual neighbourhood garage sale.

The first stop was at Panasonic Canada, in Mississauga, to pick up a Lumix battery charger, which they were loaning me until mine showed up from the last trip to England.  Just as arranged, it was waiting for me at the reception desk.

We arrived at Geoff and Nancy’s house on schedule at 1:00 PM and, after a pit stop and transferring our luggage to their van, we were on the road to Detroit at 1:15.  Before retiring, Geoff and I worked for Detroit Diesel of Canada, Ltd., in London, and often went to the company’s head office, in Detroilet (no, that’s not a typo!).  Today we were taking the same route we took then:  Hwy. 402 to Sarnia, I94 from Port Huron to I696 to 275 to our hotel on Haggarty Rd and 7 Mile.

Despite it being a holiday weekend in both Canada and the US, the traffic was OK.  The construction on I275 wasn’t OK!  A 2.5 hr. trip turned into 5 hours, with the extra time taken up with getting from the 696/275 junction to 7 Mile Rd. and Haggarty, which would normally be about 10-15 minutes.  C’est la vie….all we were doing was checking into a hotel, not catching a flight.

We checked into the Hyatt Place hotel and, although happy hour was about an hour late, that was the priority.  As Geoff’s new cushion says, “Why should happy be limited to 1 hour?”.  We relaxed with a cool drink and then walked across the parking lot to J. Alexander’s restaurant.  The food was good the last time I was there, which would be almost 10 years ago, and we weren’t disappointed.  We all enjoyed our dinners, but we ate too much.  We waddled back to the hotel.

It was a long day, so after a wine night cap (well, for some of us), we called it a night.

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