Day 8 – Goodby Florence…..Hello La Colonica!!


7:30 seemed to come really fast!  C & C left the condo at 9:00 for their walk to the taxi stand.  Bonnie & I packed up & I took a few photos of the condo.  We had until 10:00 to be out & on our way to the bus stop, just a block away, to catch the bus to the train station.  Once there, we collected our tickets for the 11:09 train to Castiglion Florentino, departing from track 15.  We arrived right on schedule at 12:23, in the rain, & Charlie was there waiting for us.

La Colonica

La Colonica

It was about a 15 minute drive from the train station to La Colonica, which is the name of the villa we’re staying at in the small town of Marciano della Chiana.  We can see Cortona on the hills in the distance.  David & Cesare, the couple who own the villa, had left 2 bottles of wine, a bowl of fruit, walnuts from their garden & then brought over a bottle of champagne to welcome us.

It rained all day, but that was no problem.  With the 2 days of sunny 24C weather, in Florence, it was OK to have that sort of day to catch our breath.  All we had to do was get settled into the villa, go for lunch, pick up some groceries, make dinner (Bonnie made a delicious tortellini dish) & play a card game called 99.  At the grocery check-out, the clerk looked up from her work to see the 4 of us together & said, “Tourists?”.  Charlie & I were splitting the bill, which came to €107.44.  The clerk chuckled when we each gave her €55.00 & we all, including the clerk, had a good laugh when she doled out the change into each of our palms, right down to the penny.

We have a washing machine at our disposal, which is on the front porch, so we did a load of laundry to last us for the duration..  We also have a fireplace, so Charlie started a fire.  Once he got the flu figured out, it was nice & comfortable.  Then the ’99’ card game….good fun.

No photos today, other than the sign at the gate.  Hopefully, it’ll be a nice day tomorrow so that I can get some shots of the villa.

I’m still catching up on photos, so have a look at the previous blogs & don’t forget to click to enlarge the photo.  You can also use the arrows to scroll through them all.



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