Day 3 – Exploring Venice

We had a leisurely start to the day, not up until 8:30 & then breakfast, which is served in the hotel.  The typical continental breakfast of croissants, good Italian buns, fruit, yogurt, eggs, etc., all we needed to get us going.

Then the fun began, the fun of wandering around the maze, which is Venice.  It’s very easy to get turned around (can’t say ‘get lost’, because you can’t be lost on an island) & it can take a while to get your bearings again, even with a map.  Regardless, we wandered around looking in countless shops, walked through San Marco Square, which was packed with people, unlike the previous evening. The shop windows are jammed full of whatever wares are being sold…masks are huge here, from their very important carnival, and theatre, which is also huge; and glass, Murano glass, made into everything imaginable, from tiny little ornaments to huge vases.  We saw a dragon, about 3 feet high, in white glass, rearing up, with a red fireball in its mouth! Jewellery and high end fashion stores are so common, each is just a tiny storefront, but many open up way back.  All the big fashion names are very visible & often on small ‘streets’.

The ‘streets’, more like what we think of as alleys, are very narrow.  We can both stretch our arms out from one wall to the other across an alley. There are bridges everywhere, of course, as there are many narrow canals, which serve as roads. Of course, there are no cars, which is great, but there also are no bicycles, which we’re glad of.  Unlike in Cambridge, England, for instance, where bikes are everywhere & you really have to watch out for them.  Everything that gets moved around on the streets is by dolly or other kinds of hand carts.

We wound our way to the Rialto Bridge, which is undergoing a major restoration, so getting a good photo of it is impossible, without a huge ‘Diesel’ billboard with a picture of a young guy & a caption that reads “This is a picture of a guy sitting on a bridge”.

What can we say about restaurants other than you can’t possibly go hungry  We had read somewhere that we shouldn’t expect much in the way of pizzas & spaghetti.  I don’t know where that travel guy was, but he must have been in Venice, U.S., because he sure wasn’t in Venice, Italy!  Both dishes are available in most restaurants & everything we’ve had so far has been delicious.  We both had pizza for lunch, at a sidewalk cafe, where we spoke with a couple from Halifax, at the next table.

We slowly made our way back to the hotel….slowly because, again, we got turned around.  We read a bit, had a nap & then headed out again.  We made our way back to San Marco Square & the docks for a few evening photos.  More window shopping – gotta get an Italian fedora – & back to the courtyard at the end of our street.  We stopped at the Ristorante Al Theatro, an open air restaurant, where we dined on pasta a fagioli soup, lasagna & a creamed chicken dish.  I ordered a bottle of agua gassata and Bonnie ordered a bottle of wine & brought it back to the room – very civilized.  There’s no drinking & driving here!!

The waiter we had was funny.  Bonnie asked him how to say “I love you”, in Italian – “Te amo”.  As he was walking away, I said to him, “You know she wasn’t talking to you!”.

That was our day.  Processed the photos below, read & slept.  The alarm was set for 6:30, for an early morning photo tour.  Guess who opted for staying in bed!!

Hotel Ateneo Courtyard

Traffic Jam in the Canal

Bonnie on the Rialto Bridge


Blonde on a Bridge

Canal View

Golden Window

Gondola Under the Rialto Bridge

Laundry Day at the Bar

Narrow Alleys

Local Architecture

Traffic Jam in the Canal

Trees in Venice

Window Shopping

The Grand Canal

Dinner at Ristorante Al Theatro

Dining Al Fresco

Done for the Day


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