Day 1 – The Flight Over

We were up bright & early Saturday morning to finish up some last minute chores and packing.  Classique Limo service arrived at 2:00 PM & off we went.  The first snag was that there was a 16 vehicle pileup the night before on the 401, in the construction area of the of 407 extension.  It seems that a transport driver was checking out the dump trucks instead of paying attention to the what was happening in front of him & plowed into the vehicles ahead.  The driver told us that 6 people had been killed.  The highway had been closed between Brock St. and Salem Rd. since then, so we dipsy-doodled around Whitby and Ajax to get back to the 401.  Other than that, it was clear sailing to the airport.

There is 1benefit I can enjoy from all the traveling I did before I retired:  lifetime Aeroplan Elite status.  It allows us to check in at the Executive Class counter vs. standing in some long line-ups.  Once there, it gives us extra baggage allowance, both number of pieces of luggage and weight.  I was a bit overweight this time, so no extra charge.  Once through that, it gives us access to the Maple Leaf Lounges, which makes long waits in airports more bearable.  This time, that was the case at both Pearson and Trudeau, in Montreal.

The flight over was uneventful, although I have to say that Air Canada certainly cut costs when it came to selecting the seats for their ‘Rouge’ line.  Those seats were the most uncomfortable I’ve ever experienced….it was like sitting on a board!  So, needless to say, we got very little sleep.

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