Back to Reality….Our Vacation Wrap-Up

Cities & towns visited:

Italy-MapOctober 3-7 – Venice

October 7-10 – Florence

October 10-16 – Marciano della Chiana

October 11 & 14 – Lucignano

October 12 – Foiano della Chiana, Cortona & San Sorvino

October 13 – Montepulciano

October 15 – Camucia & Castiglion Florentino

What can we say, but “What a great place to spend a vacation!”  Everything about it was perfect:

La Colonica:  This would be a good time to mention that ‘La Colonica’ means ‘The Farmhouse’.  In the 1700’s this was the main farmhouse in Marciano Della Chiano.  It’s a perfect base for exploring Tuscany.

Our hosts, David & Cesare:  Between providing a very comfortable place to live, David is a fountain of information, not only about the surrounding Tuscan towns, but also Florence & much of Italy.

The company:  Charles & Cheryl were so easy to travel with & share accommodations with.  There was no disagreement about what we would do each day &, because this was a return trip for them & they wanted us to enjoy our first time there, they were great tour guides.  Everything we did was split 50/50 – restaurant meals, groceries & kitchen duties.

The atmosphere:  What can we say about this?  The Italians know how to enjoy life & everyone we came across was friendly & helpful  We never ran into any animosity toward us ‘turisti’.

Transportation:  From our arrival at the Venice airport & taking the water taxi to the island to the train service from Venice to Florence & on to Castiglione, we have absolutely no complaints.  As for driving around the Tuscan countryside, the Fiat 500L served us well, maybe not as good as a Mini Cooper S, but very good & we highly recommend the Charles Ryan Driving Service .

The weather:  We had a bit of rain in each of our major stops (Venice, Florence, Marciano Della Chiana), but not enough to prevent us from enjoying anything we had planned.  Other than that, it was sunny, partly cloudy & mild.

Adding up the pros (lots) & cons (none), why wouldn’t we return?

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