Less Than 24 Hours….

It’s less than 24 hours until we leave for Italy!  We’re excited! Bonnie has never been to Italy, in fact this will be her first time on ‘the continent’. I traveled to Bologna and Cento, on a business trip, in May, 1994.  Before flying home, I spent about 3 hours in Venice on a rainy, cold day.  I wondered, at the time, where all the blue water was that’s in all the Venice photos, so I’m looking forward to seeing some this time around.

We’re being picked up at 2:00 PM, by Classique Limo, to transport us to the Pearson airport.  We fly out at 5:00 PM and arrive in Venice at 11:40 AM Sunday.  We’ll have 3 days on our own there before taking the train to Florence (Firenze), where we’ll meet up with Charlie & Cheryl Ryan, our good friends, from Bowmanville

Charlie & Cheryl were there 3 years ago & loved Tuscany so much that they rebooked 5 weeks at the same villa: La Colonica, 80 km from Florence, on an olive grove near the village of Cortona. Before going there, the 4 of us will spend 3 days in Florence, staying in an apartment owned by the people who own the villa. Charlie and Cheryl are renting a car, so on October 10th, they’ll take our luggage and drive to La Colonica. Bonnie and I will take the train to Cortona, where they’ll pick us up to begin our relaxing 7 day stay at the villa. Click on the link to check out our home-away-from-home:  http://www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p171412.

We fly home on October 16th, just in time for my photography exhibit opening, at the Whitby Station Gallery, on the 17th. This is a shorter trip than we like to take on an overseas vacation, but we’re going to pack as much as possible into those 13 days! Until then, we’ll be counting down the days.

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